We are currently developing sensory overload glasses for increased focus in high stress environments

About Autistalline

We are developing a way to simply reduce distractions so you can focus on being fully you.

Fully ​YOU

Fun. Logical. Literal.

Autistalline glasses

  • Increase focus
  • Increase calmness
  • Reduce distractions
  • Filter incoming sensory input

We are developing a device to help you effortlessly focus in high sensory environments. Autistalline glasses help the Autistic brain filter incoming sensory input so you can focus on the things and people that matter the most

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Coming in 2022

Autistalline glasses
Autistalline glasses are currently in development and testing Autistalline glasses will be crowdfunding and taking pre-orders on August 3, 2021. Leave your email address below to be informed the instant we release our Super Early Bird Discount category where you'll be able to buy a pair of Autistalline glasses for 50% off. If you don't make it as a Super Early Bird, you'll still be able to get a pair of Autistalline glasses for 30 - 40% off.

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